About me

While I do not work in the field of psychology or mental health care, I have always had an interest in how the human brain “thinks”. It always amazes me that our brains can be so clever regarding so many things, yet also be so “not clever” (stupid!) in other ways. Initially I was interested in this aspect just as a curiosity, but soon realised that these “stupid” ways of thinking can actually affect judgements and decisions that we make in our daily life, which can at times, cause serious harm. I also realised that a lot of companies use our susceptibilty to “stupid thinking” to sell us things at prices that are much higher than they are truly worth, or even make us buy things we do not really need.

As I learnt more and more about how our brains can think in unclever ways, I felt that I should share this information in an easy to understand way so that many people can benefit, and this resulted in me running this website. I do it all by myself as a “one man” show. I must confess that it is hard work, but I do get a lot of satisfaction when people tell me that it has helped them to think better. I hope you too have enjoyed the website. Have a nice day. Thank you.