My dear friends, we have come to the end of our discussions about the various types of stupid thinking that our brains may do. I hope you found the information to be useful and perhaps amusing as well.

As you go about your day to day life, once in a while do check if your brain is thinking in these stupid ways! We are all very good at looking outwards at the world around us, but often forget to look inwards at our own thinking.

As stupid thinking is quite common, you will often recognise it in those around you. Do try to be understanding and forgiving when dealing with people thinking in these ways. Perhaps you can gently guide them to visit this website! Actually, it would really be helpful if you can tell as many people as you can about this website, including on social media. I do not have any advertising budget, so any publicity will be much appreciated.

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At times, stupid thinking may lead you to making wrong judgements and decisions which can have serious consequences in your life. Now that you have understood various types of stupid thinking, hopefully you will be able to identify and change such thinking in yourself. Over time, you will find yourself making more sensible decisions than before.

I wish you all best and hope you have a nice day (without stupid thinking !).

Thank you.