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Most of us assume that our brains “think” in a sensible and logical way. However, in reality, psychologists have found that the human brain has a tendency to make certain mistakes when thinking, making us think in ways that make no sense. Such “brain mistakes” can happen without one even realising it and can lead to one making wrong judgments and decisions in one’s daily life.

This completely free website explains, in a very easy to understand way, common types of mistakes that our brains may do. This will help you to recognise and change such thinking when it happens to you.

Click on the button below to start reading. I am confident that once you understand the various brain mistakes, you will find yourself thinking in better ways.


Negativity effect thinking

Confirmation bias thinking

Spotlight effect thinking

Magic wheel

All or nothing thinking

The illusion of truth thinking

Halo effect thinking

Sunk cost fallacy thinking

Rosy retrospection thinking

Anchor effect thinking

Online nastiness thinking

Dunning-Kruger effect thinking

Counterfactual thinking